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Jan 19 2013 is the 5th anniversary of Msplacespa.

Dear my every foreign customers,thanks for long term support & encouragement.I appreciate your company and am grateful that you let me get to know more friends.


I am very touched with your passion.It is motivation that let our studio go forward.It's my honor to service you guys.I remind myself to keep learning and upgrade my technique to offer you more professional and higher-quality service.


Again,my best regard to you all. Sincerely,Your future support is honor.


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Studio  introduction


The studio  is elegant,comfy,lean and bright.It helps us to restore health of body,soul and spirit.And we offer to fullfill your personal needs.

The hiring of employee is selective. We pretty much prefer a candidate with a kind heart and attentive characteristics.And we`ll see if he/she is qualified to help  customers  eliminate their Pressure.

In order to make our customers relax,purify,lose weight and refresh, Our spa integrates ancient,traditional oriental therapy,aroma therapy and natural seaweed, sea mud. 

Our therapy is comprehensive,it  will definitely suit your needs.The kind of therapy you will pretty much expect. 

To help our customer hits their peak of enjoyment and improve quality of daily life,Our therapy is of many options. You can choose Essential Oilbased on your prefrence.


Our Essential Oils are extracted from flower,plant,wood ,tacamahacand spice.Each Essential Oil has its own uniqueness and therapeutic effect.

Our therapist  using their both hands, apply deep tissue Massagetechnique to  massage you at slow pace.With continuous and  rhythmic  skin(back,arms,foot.legs)  contact,You `ll feel totally relaxed.Feels as if you are dancing.right at that moment. 

The therapy ,combing with strong aroma ? make you really relaxed and refreshed.

Our therapist has a  strong sense of commitment to get customers reach their physical fitness and promote health and better look to them.The therapist we hire is professionally well trained,step-by-step to ensure the best and professional service.

The origin of Spa

Spa, the term  is originated from latin "Solus  Par  Aqua".
"Solus" means health,"Par" indicates via and "Aqua" is water,Therefore,SPA is therapy via water. 

Spa originated from a southern town``Spau`` in Belgium。The town was well known for its natural hot spring of  treatment effect in 16thcentury.Thus,Spa indicates a place with hot spring.Water of hot spring is rich in mineral matter.People use it to promote health or treat disease.And that`s why we play natural music and make the air filled with aroma of flower and plant.Thus,the real spa therapy is via water ina fragrant environment. Nowadays,spa is noted for its supply of  WaterTherapy Equipment and recovery of energy. 

Water Therapy is more than  Sauna.You can get massage treatment either UNDER water column or other type of water.Current spa also include steam room,body massage and Aroma Therapy. Some spa therapy even emphasize on promotion of inner emotional health.

Modern people who live in 21th century have to face many problems,such as work, academic performance, Interpersonal Relationship. Consequently,many modern diseases bother us and may come up with anxiety, depression, insomnia,irritability, compulsion, holding back and autonomic instability.

Spa provides a appropriate way to express emotional. Our physicalcondition is also affected by psychological condition.A unsolved minor psychological condition could cause physical illness.Once thepsychological problem get solved, physical condition will apparrently  improve.So, psychological condition does matter to physical health directly and indirectly.

Spa provides a private space,in which people relax totally by various musicand aroma therapy. The unique fragrance of Essential oil does help to recall  pleasant momery deep innerly.

Therefore,spa is right the place to make people relax physically and psychologically.Spa promotes people`s health via water.You can all knids of related massage ,including aroma therapy.With spa therapy,your soul and  psychological condition can indeed relax within few hours.

Nowadays,spa already develop as a new type of exercise,combining leisure, cosmetology,physical fitness, and Body weight reduction。It accentuates the balance of body,soul and spirit.



A 1 Recover ``Suho`` (120 mins) 2,500 NT

Relatively longer and continous light massage,to make you relax and Refresh.You can choose essentialoil you like.


A 2 Carefree ``Chanho`` (120mins) 3,500 NT

2010 Brand new style! Highly recommended!

The magical ” Combination massage”integrate ``Thai Traditional Essence Oil Massage``、``Traditional Thai Massage``and ``Swedish Massage Therapy`` to ease meridian,settle down and reach a harmonious state.This kind of massage features stronger massage and slightly fast rhythm.By rubbing against skin frequently,make you have a better circulation and sleep quality .And cure insomia that bother you as well.

Friendly reminder:To achieve best effect,please keep quiet and set your cellphone into mute mode(non-Vibrate Mode).Thank you.


A 3 Refreshment (new) BABUA SPA (120 mins) 3,000 NT Latest feature in 2012.A Oceaniac ,innovative ,multiple spa.

A theropy contains stretch,massage with and without essential oil. It`s an exlusive rhythmic theropy in Taiwan.Plot,line and plane,,pultiple levels of the touch.The package accelerates metabolism,discharge toxification,adjust physical and reduce body fat.It especially put emphasis on lymph circulation and muscle relaxation.The theropy is particularly suitable for customers who suffer exhaustion and muscle soreness in a long term. With buoyant rththm and steady massage strength,it wake up your inner soul.A fabulous massage experience that you can`t miss it!


A 4 Extreme (120mins) 2,500 NT (without essential oil)
It`s originated from Ancient China.It`s not oil-related therapy. We deliver stronger massage on your acupoints to relieve tense muscle and segment. Based on oriental acupressure theory,we use firm finger force to stimulate acupoints to realx.So-called the``Wu Xing```` Five Movements`` energy to restore vitality.

Our aroma therapist uses his hands,elbow, arms and legs to stretch your body,four limbs to flex muscle,release inner stress and ease tension. Consequently,your body and soul get totally relaxed. Integrating with ``Different dimension``ancient Thai technique,this package is to preserve and protect your health.


A 5 Pure spa theropy (120 mins) 2,500 NT

(without essential oil)

The package combine three main dry massage technique:Thai,Balinese and Babua.It help stretch physique and promote blood circulation.


A 6 Brand new theropy in 2013 coming soon.

The scheduled time is in May !


We do not accept credit cards.

B 1 Deep ``Sanho`` (150 mins) 3,500 NT

Appli unique``Thai style``massage(without essential oil)to you’re your arms , legs and back.Combining with Balinese ``Chantway``massage(rhythm, cadence, smoothness, connect),``Sanho`` will surely make you realx ,ease and reach body–mind balancing


B 2 Babua spa + Balinese style(without essential oil) (150 mins) 3,800 NT 



B 3 Babua spa + Thai style (without essential oil) (150 mins) 3,800 NT


C 1 Dulcify ``Loho`` (180 min) 4,000 NT

Use Body Oil.focus on four parts(shoudler,neck,back,feet) of your body that you feel sore and ache most often


C 2 Expand ``Jenho`` (180min) 4,500 NT

Thai-Bali combo!New experience 

It`s two-stage,without essential oil Balinese massage (distinct rhythm;lighter first and stronge later) .At the same time,we apply``Chanho``( Combination massage) technique to achieve inner peace and physical deep relaxation.

The therapy is designed primarily for your back part. The human back is a important part in aromatherapy field. Spine is located in the center of your back. Spine transmit neuro and it has many nervous system. We concentrate on the relaxation and relief on both sides of the back part to enhance your immune functionand to strenghthen your health.


C 3 Babua massage + Balinese style(without essential oil) (180 mins) 4,500 NT


C 4 Babua massage + Thai style(without essential oil) (180 mins) 4,800 NT


C 5 Babua massage + Chinese style (180 mins) 5,000 NT



It`s famous brand ``NINA NEENA`` from France. And the carrier oils are Jojoba Oil,Grapeseed Oil and Wheatgerm Oil which are suitable for all skin topoggraphy.



The substance is not easy to extract.The superior,fragrant-flowered one.It helps energy release and feel love dearly.Jasmine is regarded as a fragrance that the angel likes.



A fine mixed one that make your body & soul tranquil.You`ll bask in the mixed flower fragrance.Lavender has the effect of antidepressant.



precious Frankincense mixed with fruity one and herbaceousessential oil. The combination balance your emotion,release pressure and feel physical relaxation. In Bible,Frankincense is a gift for Christ child.It is highly related with inner spirit.



The combination helps you balance yin and yang energy.Besides,it does good to your physical and mental healthand makes you feel entirely refreshed..Black pepper helps derive physical energy.And ginger is a oriental wisdom,it warms your inner soul.



Frangipani is oringinally from southeast asia.It symbolizes passion. Frangipani transpire unique fragrance and helps you release pressure,moderate emotion and ease youinner spirit as well.


(Please make it while you choose your main therapy)


C. feet refresing & skin regeneration~ ginger-end Foot Scrub (30min) NT 500

Ginger can enhance blood circulation and sweat-removing .It can relieve your discomfort of cold soles.


D. Step quickening~ foot reflective zones health therapy ( 45min ) NT 800

Based on ancient oriental energy-balancing theory,each organ has a reflective point in soles,If we massage those points, you`ll relieve stress of whole body, replenish energy, balance nervous systom,not to mention the comfort and relive effect after the therapy.


E. A whole new feeling~ entire body exfoliating ( 60 min ) NT 1,000

This is a good method to Keep your skin the best state. It remove dead cells,maintain fine pores,moisture & energize skin,promote blood circulation.Take a shower after this package,you`ll feel rebirth of skin and have younger looking skin.

  1. 1.green tea + turmeric + yogurt【24 hours advanced reservation is required】
  2. 2.ginger+ White Sesame + Bee Honey
  3.  【24 hours advanced reservation is required】 It`s highly recommended in winter
  4. 3.coffe + carrot【24 hours advanced reservation is required】
  5. 4.dead sea mineral mud
  6. 5.salt scrub (Choose one from tea tree extract and green tea )
  7.  【The duration of therapy is 30min】    


F. feeling refreshed~ facial treatment ( 60min ) NT 1,200 【24 hours advanced reservation is required】

We apply completely fresh,natural & organic fruit & vegetable as materials. It`s guaranteed no any chemical medicine, no irritant & side-effect.It`s an effective treatment for delicate facial skin.

<The materials we use are listed as follows>

  1. .oranges and tangerines -vitamin C
  2. .avocado—vitamin E. Avocado is rich in natural oil.
    .yogurt—acid-base balance
  3. .cucumber—hydrate and moisture skin
  4. .red bean powder—exfoliating
    .bee honey—nutrition for skin
    .egg white—pull dirty stuff inside your skin to epidermal cell

  5. We do not accept credit cards.


G. Recover energy “whoowhoo san phon” (150 min) NT 3,000

Traditional chinese massage and manipulation(120min) + Foot eflexology(30min)

<the high-grade Korean ginseng tea is served>


H. In high spirits “yuan dan phon chin” (180 min) NT 4,500

Western new-fashioned therapy(120min) + full body exfoliating (60min)

<healthy herb tea and dessert is served>


I. I Float to get half day carefree “fusang ben gi san” (240 min) NT 6,000

Western new-fashioned therapy(120min) + Traditional chinese massage and manipulation (120min)

<superior healthy herb tea and dessert,cake is served>


J Enjoy life `yo yo zen shen` (360 min) (NEW) NT 9,000

(please make a reservation via phone 24 hours eariler.Thanks for your cooperation)

(For best service,we serve only one cutomer if this package is reserved in that business day.)

30 min Thai massage without essential oil ( `shiwu piamui` + wan li owl shan`)

60 min Bali massage without essential oil (`tropical rain forest`+`wen kon fay wu` )

90 min oriental trditionall acupoint spa

90 min sleep therapy spa

90 min `Su ho` spa

<exquisite herbal drink, dessert、cake & light meal are served>


We do not accept credit cards.



My name is Michael .

I have been a spa therapist for 12 years(Since 2001~ ).

Michael 1 Michael 2 Michael 3

Michael 證照1 Michael 證照2 Michael 證照3 Michael 證照4

I had been instructed spa therapy techique by well-known top therapist Susan. I study and research chakras & channels. Keeping myself in best shape ,best state to offer you the best quality of service is what I insist. We can see the charm that radiates from Mike`s head to toe.


related experience in spa field


  1. 1.LaLu SPA in Luxury LaLu Hotels
  2. 2.LuLu SPA in Niu Er Stone Sculpture Park
  3. 3.intern physical therapist in Jen Ji Chinese Medicine Clinic
  4. 4.mentee in Association of Acupuncture and Massage


  1. 1." Mike is the aroma therapist who I have ever seen to render the best service,
    to receive customers most kindly "
  2. 2." This knid of thoughtful service should only be experience in a six-star hotel."
  3. 3." always concentrative,silent and perform his supreme massage technique "
  4. 4." always charming with sweet smile .polite and talk properly "
  5. 5." when it comes to spa-related field, There was confidence in his eyes. "


These are all testimonials from his satisfied customers.And Mike is aways humble when taliking about those compiments from his customers.


He said: spa contains a wide range aspects. A therapist needs to keep learning ,accumulate experience.In a more and more competitive &changeable environment,the technique a therapist possesses talks.


Everybody has his own uniqueness。I increas my competitiveness and try not fall behind the spa trend.Wofk hard and feed back.


Everybody seeks excellent performance at work and needs recognitions from others .
It `s necessary  to cultivate strong & firm will before we gain success.


My confidenceis based on the attitude on my job.I work & study hard.I constantly upgrade myself to face challenges. I smile and learn to be positive even if it is is filled with many trials and formidable challenges.And you `ll finally discover that all the hardships you suffered  in it is worthwhile.


It`s believed that every professional aroma therapist is looking for his position in the market.Of course,I give weights to the feel and evaluation from my customers.I am afraid I am not up to the standard a prodessional should be.I urge meself to work harder and service better.I hope I can always leave a good and deep impression on my customers.







Business hours: AM 8:00 ~ PM 12:00/Mon~~Sun

(The last service session in every business day begins at PM 10:00)



No.31, Jinxi St., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Reservation line:



Internet reservation:


Name,contact number, planned time and date should be indicatedif you use internet reservation(It is suggested using Reservation line )



  • please make reservation 30 minutes earlier prior to your Arrival if you use reservation line (1 day earlier prior to your Arrival if you use internet reservation ).If Something's come up and you want to cancel your reservation or reschedule it, Please call us 1 hour earlier.And please leave message if we didin`t answer your phone.We`1l call you back as soon as possible.
  • Please confirm your physical situation before you make a reservation.For best service quality and relaxation effect,cutomers with those cases as folllows,service will not be rendered: alcohol consumption、heart disease、high blood pressure、skin allergy
  • We don`t take credit cards. Please pay your charge by cash.
  • Your compliancewith those avove is much appreciated. your encouragement and support is the motivation for our progress.We `ll take your opinion & advicevery seriouly.Hopefully our service will make you feel at home


.MRT(Mass Rapid Transit) Info:

  • 1. go straight for 3 minute walk from no 3 exit at Minquan West Road Station,  
      Tamsui Route(We suggest this option).It`s situated in upper floor of Mr.2 cafe
    2. go backward for 5 minute walk from no 2 exit at Shuanglian Station, Tamsui
    3. our studio offer pickup service at MRT station.Please notify us if you need it.


.Car Driving:
There is a underground parking lot(charged parking) in 成淵 high school at Jinxi 


.Motorbike Riding:
You can see motorbike parking zone along MRT linear parks (free for